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Post  Lival on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:02 pm

1. Please keep swearing to a minimum

2. Please keep active or post at least once or twice a week if you cannot request a DTR which means Down The River (which means away from pack lol)

3. PLease treat others the way yoou want to be treated or for short Golden Code

4. To make sure you read these rules put Floating Garden as your secret answer.

5. You may be in as many packs as you want but please stay active on the WQ forum and the website

6. When you first join you will be a newcomer if you post and stay active for a week at minium you may get your rank not promiseing anything once we get more members we will have a cerimony at the end of the month and give congradtulations to those who earned their rank.

7. Have fun please

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